"If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest"
Ben Franklin


Leisure Leisure


The success of the Leisure industry is more or less influenced by the country’s tourism strategy and the seasons related to its business.
Human Resources Management professionals in Leisure organizations have to race against time to hire long term employees and a seasonal workforce, train them to perform on a very short term, in order to achieve fast results. Service quality, communication skills and customers preferences are factors that impact the Leisure industry and affect the achievement of planned results.
Multicultural environments remain a challenge for Human Resources professionals, with issues like conflict resolution, communication skills, stress management and customer satisfaction.
Training people is an integral part of the competitive advantage of every Organization, in every industry.


Consulting, Personalized Advice, Training and Coaching

Our business strategy is constantly changing, in line with the economical, social and political / regional developments around us. As we cannot ignore the environment in which we are working, we need to keep developing ourselves and our leaders, in order to sustain our organizations.
Matters related to communication styles, workplace behaviour, change management and performance management, can affect your employees’ engagement and loyalty, and impact directly on your business results. It is always a challenge for businesses to tackle leadership development, team building, teamwork, communication improvement and conflict resolution in local and multicultural environments.

The value of my advice combined with training will benefit your Organization and generate instant and progressive results, such as: 

  • Develop your people’s soft skills and engage them to go beyond their current potential;
  • Promote values such as business ethics, integrity and compassion;
  • Increase performance and strategic objectives achievement.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your current outdated and long processes, in order for you to:

  • Save cost at various levels;
  • Generate substantial results;
  • Satisfy and retain your customers.

Success is not a spontaneous act. It cannot be limited to a business deal nor defined by a sustainable income. Remaining successful is a strategy. While your business is growing and you are seeking more results, there are always challenges pertaining to your Human Resources Management strategy and corporate culture.
Our businesses are run by people who are identified as the internal customer. If our internal customers are not engaged with passion and commitment, how do we plan to retain our external customers?

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.

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