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In line with the growth and diversification of business environments in local and regional markets, the Legal and Finance industries have known many developments. Young Lawyers and Finance professionals are evolving in the international arena and come across cultural differences, business etiquette and cross-cultural communication.
Learning and training becomes an important part of the Human Resources Management strategy. Interview skills, people management, stress management, public speaking and business presentations have become a reality that need to be constantly addressed.
Besides technical knowledge, legal and financial expertise, acquiring soft skills, such as leadership, great communication and conflict resolution is a must.
Training people is an integral part of the competitive advantage of every Organization, in every industry.


Consulting, Personalized Advice, Training and Coaching

I encourage the Legal and Finance organizations to implement a Human Resources Management strategy that is indispensable to the realization of their overall strategic objectives. Small and medium firms are definitely encouraged to do the same, if they wish to attract, train and retain competent and engaged teams who will drive their business further.
Customer service, satisfaction and loyalty are directly proportional to your people’s competencies and engagement. Organizations are required to coach and mentor their people, to give them initiative, to enhance leadership and communication skills and to embrace a cultural change, when it is the key to greater business results.

The value of my advice combined with training will benefit your Organization and generate instant and progressive results, such as: 

  • Promote conversations, discussion and collaboration in the workplace;
  • Improve communication skills, team integration and resilience;
  • Develop your people’s soft skills and engage them to go beyond their current potential;
  • Promote values such as business ethics, integrity and compassion;
  • Increase performance and strategic objectives achievement.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your current outdated and long processes, in order for you to:

  • Save cost at various levels;
  • Generate substantial results;
  • Satisfy and retain your customers;
  • Transform your organizational culture;
  • Develop values-based leadership;
  • Become a values-based Organization.

Success is not a spontaneous act. It cannot be limited to a business deal nor defined by a sustainable income. Remaining successful is a strategy. While your business is growing and you are seeking more results, there are always challenges pertaining to your Human Resources Management strategy and corporate culture.
Our businesses are run by people who are identified as the internal customer. If our internal customers are not engaged with passion and commitment, how do we plan to retain our external customers?

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.

Cultural Transformation Tools® or CTT

View herein my CTT Practitioner Diploma

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

Engaged and inspired by culture throughout my experience, I became a CTT Practitioner in 2015, accredited to interpret and use the CTT Models and Tools. As a Member of the global CTT Community network, I share experiences and discuss case studies with my fellow Change and Transformational Agents around the world.
This is a great opportunity for you to partner with a Certified Consultant who will guide you throughout your Cultural Transformation journey.


Created by Richard Barrett, an internationally recognized Author, Consultant and keynote Speaker on Corporate Culture and Values-Based Leadership, the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) have been used to map the values of thousands of organizations and leaders in over 90 countries in their transformational journeys.
Measurement matters and what gets measured gets managed and done. The Cultural Transformation Tools® are powerful metrics that enable Leaders to actively measure and manage the culture of their teams, leaders and the Organization as a whole. This is one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments available.  


Each person is driven consciously or unconsciously by its own set of values, thus, our decisions and emotional drivers reflect our values. “Individuals express their values through their personal behaviours; organizations express their values through their cultural behaviours” – Richard Barrett, Pleuntje van Meer.


The reason is simple: by building a high-performance culture, “you will increase profits, attract and keep talented people, build brand loyalty and a resilient, sustainable company”.
Once you chose your values as an Organization, you embed these in every behaviour, policy, procedure, system and goals.  “The culture of an organization defines who you are and what you stand for. Vibrant cultures are values-driven, mission-focused and vision-guided”.


Here is the critical equation:

  • Values and behaviours drive culture.
  • Culture drives employee fulfilment.
  • Employee fulfilment drives mission.
  • The Mission drives customer satisfaction.

Therefore and based on values mapping of over 2000 institutions in more than 60 countries, “Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet” – Richard Barrett, Pleuntje van Meer.


With my CTT accreditation and knowledge, I can provide and interpret the CTT Tools and Models through:

1) Assessments
2) Workshops
3) Cultural Meetings and Brainstorming

Contact me via email for more information.


“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com

Taking culture seriously has a tremendous impact on your Organization’s bottom line!


  • The creation of a core and shared set of values and one identity;
  • Trust in relationships at all levels of the Organization;
  • Meaningful team meetings and collaboration;
  • Leadership transformation and development;
  • Resilience in difficult times;
  • High levels of employee satisfaction and wellbeing;
  • Alignment of the organizational structures and processes;
  • Realization and fulfilment of a business strategy and strategic objectives;
  • Improvement in projects and services. 


  • A growing customer focus and integrity;
  • An increase in customer satisfaction;
  • An increase in your competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture;
  • Transformation of your Organization from lack of vision, fear and internal competition, into a culture of core values, shared vision, leadership development and focus on customer satisfaction;
  • A resilient, sustainable Organization.

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.



Testimonial related to a Leadership Development and Cultural Transformation project:

"CA Advocates (Pourgoura & Aspri LLC) was established in May 2011 by Alexia Aspri and myself who had an aspiration to create a progressive commercial and corporate law firm by offering tailor made professional services by directing each client’s needs in a personal and individual way. Our vision was to create a team of young individuals to provide those personalised services to our clients. As our team grew over the years the partners of the firm felt the need of guidance in the areas of human resources and decided to engage Muriel Matta for this task. 
Muriel has been a refreshing and a valuable addition to our external team of professionals. Together with the partners she dedicated her time to listen, review, understand the mission and vision of our firm and implemented this personalised need to our team and working environment. She assisted us in understanding our goals and implementing them as well as making it possible to work better as a team. 
For us, the partners Muriel has worked with one to one sessions to assist us in learning and improving our leadership skills. Those have been very helpful and productive for us as well as our team. 
Almost a year after we have engaged Muriel to assist us in this difficult project the positive results to our firm have been evident."



CA Advocates (Pourgoura & Aspri LLC)

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