"Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong"
Peter T. Mcintyre


Investment Investment


The Investment industry is working under extreme pressure and tight deadlines, in order to provide credible advice, with an ethical approach, while safeguarding outstanding clients’ relationships.
The recruitment of capital markets and investment banking professionals must be accompanied by a complete Human Resources Management strategy for employee engagement, motivation and retention in a competitive international market. Investment professionals must be up-to-date with required technical skills, as well as strong leadership skills, communication and negotiation skills, conflict resolution and stress management.
Training people is an integral part of the competitive advantage of every Organization, in every industry.


Consulting, Personalized Advice, Training and Coaching

Do you experience stress at work, difficulty to manage time, challenges in leading projects and confusion related to your career development? Are there sometimes tension, disagreements and conflicts with your colleagues?
Talking about it with the right person and getting guidance on how to act, will enable you to resolve stressful workplace situations. And when a specific matter is discussed early on, you are in a position to deal with it before it becomes a serious problem, with possible negative consequences.

The value of my advice combined with training will benefit your Organization and generate instant and progressive results, such as: 

  • Develop your people’s soft skills and engage them to go beyond their current potential;
  • Promote values such as business ethics, integrity and compassion;
  • Increase performance and strategic objectives achievement.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your current outdated and long processes, in order for you to:

  • Save cost at various levels;
  • Generate substantial results;
  • Satisfy and retain your customers.

Learning opportunities through group interaction, discussions and role play, help improving communication skills, individual and team performance, as well as leadership styles. When the workplace is an open door for sharing thoughts and encouraging initiatives, it impacts positively on business results and your Organization’s long term success.

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.

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