Facilitated Brainstorming


My customized and objectives-focused Brainstorming sessions empower participants to manage constructive conversations and accept different views and opinions, essential attributes that are required in today’s business and operations.


Facilitated discussion, interaction and decision-making

I facilitate discussions that help generate ideas and concepts to be implemented by a team of participants.
My brainstorming sessions empower participants to develop their professional life, personal growth and social skills, through a facilitated interaction with others.

The facilitated Cyprus-Germany Business Association's Brainstorming Retreat in October 2017 successfully resulted in the Association defining its Vision, Mission, Values, Behaviours, Strategic Objectives, Goals, Areas of Activities and its own Slogan.

The facilitated Cyprus Marine Club's Brainstorming Event in July 2018 successfully resulted in the Club Members' selecting their Values and developing their Slogan.

Why do you need my help?

My Facilitated Brainstorming is designed to challenge and inspire your greatest asset – your people, and help improve performance, engagement and retention, by:

  1. Promoting communication, collaboration and constructive conversations;
  2. Improving relationships, accountability, trust and empathy;
  3. Developing leadership skills and conflict resolution abilities;
  4. Creating high-performing teams;
  5. Embracing and leading change in line with performance management;
  6. Aligning values and behaviours with purpose;
  7. Fostering a healthy workplace culture;
  8. Enabling your teams to be happy, creative and engaged.

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