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Every industry and very Organization needs a Human Resources Management strategy as part of its competitive advantage and business reputation.
Small, medium size and large organizations face the same challenges in terms of attracting and retaining a qualified workforce, engaging their people and managing their performance.
When professionals from different industries get together and share experiences, practices and processes, learning becomes more interesting. The Customized Solutions are provided for professionals from different Companies, to learn about workplace situations and resolve matters such as stress management, conflict resolution, communication skills, leadership skills, constructive feedback, etc.


Consulting, Personalized Advice, Training and Coaching

As an Organization, you regularly need external advice and specific expertise related to your strategic objectives, your goals, your corporate culture, your communication strategy and your leadership direction.
Continuous growth and success does not happen by chance. It is a strategy towards personal transformation, organizational transformation and leadership development. And therefore, it is important for an Organization to create a corporate culture that values continuous learning, delegation, creativity and innovation.

The value of my advice combined with training will benefit your Organization and generate instant and progressive results, such as: 

  • Promote conversations, discussion and collaboration in the workplace;
  • Improve communication skills, team integration and resilience;
  • Develop your people’s soft skills and engage them to go beyond their current potential;
  • Promote values such as business ethics, integrity and compassion;
  • Increase performance and strategic objectives achievement.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to diagnose your current outdated and long processes, in order for you to:

  • Save cost at various levels;
  • Generate substantial results;
  • Satisfy and retain your customers;
  • Transform your organizational culture;
  • Develop values-based leadership;
  • Become a values-based Organization.

Success is not a spontaneous act. It cannot be limited to a business deal nor defined by a sustainable income. Remaining successful is a strategy. While your business is growing and you are seeking more results, there are always challenges pertaining to your Human Resources Management strategy and corporate culture.
Our businesses are run by people who are identified as the internal customer. If our internal customers are not engaged with passion and commitment, how do we plan to retain our external customers?

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.

Cultural Transformation Tools® or CTT

View herein my CTT Practitioner Diploma

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

Engaged and inspired by culture throughout my experience, I became a CTT Practitioner in 2015, accredited to interpret and use the CTT Models and Tools. As a Member of the global CTT Community network, I share experiences and discuss case studies with my fellow Change and Transformational Agents around the world.
This is a great opportunity for you to partner with a Certified Consultant who will guide you throughout your Cultural Transformation journey.


Created by Richard Barrett, an internationally recognized Author, Consultant and keynote Speaker on Corporate Culture and Values-Based Leadership, the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) have been used to map the values of thousands of organizations and leaders in over 90 countries in their transformational journeys.
Measurement matters and what gets measured gets managed and done. The Cultural Transformation Tools® are powerful metrics that enable Leaders to actively measure and manage the culture of their teams, leaders and the Organization as a whole. This is one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments available.  


Each person is driven consciously or unconsciously by its own set of values, thus, our decisions and emotional drivers reflect our values. “Individuals express their values through their personal behaviours; organizations express their values through their cultural behaviours” – Richard Barrett, Pleuntje van Meer.


The reason is simple: by building a high-performance culture, “you will increase profits, attract and keep talented people, build brand loyalty and a resilient, sustainable company”.
Once you chose your values as an Organization, you embed these in every behaviour, policy, procedure, system and goals.  “The culture of an organization defines who you are and what you stand for. Vibrant cultures are values-driven, mission-focused and vision-guided”.


Here is the critical equation:

  • Values and behaviours drive culture.
  • Culture drives employee fulfilment.
  • Employee fulfilment drives mission.
  • The Mission drives customer satisfaction.

Therefore and based on values mapping of over 2000 institutions in more than 60 countries, “Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet” – Richard Barrett, Pleuntje van Meer.


With my CTT accreditation and knowledge, I can provide and interpret the CTT Tools and Models through:

1) Assessments
2) Workshops
3) Cultural Meetings and Brainstorming

Contact me via email for more information.


“If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself” – Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com

Taking culture seriously has a tremendous impact on your Organization’s bottom line!


  • The creation of a core and shared set of values and one identity;
  • Trust in relationships at all levels of the Organization;
  • Meaningful team meetings and collaboration;
  • Leadership transformation and development;
  • Resilience in difficult times;
  • High levels of employee satisfaction and wellbeing;
  • Alignment of the organizational structures and processes;
  • Realization and fulfilment of a business strategy and strategic objectives;
  • Improvement in projects and services. 


  • A growing customer focus and integrity;
  • An increase in customer satisfaction;
  • An increase in your competitive advantage by aligning strategy with people and culture;
  • Transformation of your Organization from lack of vision, fear and internal competition, into a culture of core values, shared vision, leadership development and focus on customer satisfaction;
  • A resilient, sustainable Organization.

I would be happy to hear from you and discuss further the exceptional value I can deliver to you.
You may contact me any time via my LinkedIn or email and I will be pleased to assist you.


Testimonial related to a workshop in Athens:

“Living in a country which is being disassembled economically and psychologically affecting its people and while running a developing bunker broker service company in a changing Shipping industry, I have often wanted to observe a seminar to learn how to cope under high stress and volatile life conditions. Muriel Matta covered this for me with her workshop delivered in Athens and called “Workplace Challenges”.
Very insightful with practical exercises that made us think and also have fun at the same time. Muriel is alive and kicking!  She made us feel special and drew out talents we probably didn’t realize or forgot we had.
There were several exercises and the one I loved the most was the one about working in a team. The improvisation we had to do, last minute brought excitement which turned to enthusiasm and encouragement ultimately to be the best we can be. I am very happy I decided to attend Muriel’s workshop!”



Prime Petroleum Services

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"The workshop has been well prepared and presented. The topics included well spotted the points and issues everyone needed to listen and wonder about themselves for their daily work in order to be more efficient, organised and successful. Muriel is a very inspirational and enthusiastic person who knows very well the ways to pass on knowledge to others as well as to make them discover on their own their strengths and what makes them unique to be better. Such workshop helped on team spirit and how people should work together for the best of their company.
We are looking forward to attend the next event presented by Maravilhosa."


General Manager

Dememarine Services

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"This was a very insightful experience. I have attended the mini-workshop which was very well organized but above all it was fun! I would highly recommend the Workshop to anyone who is interested in improving the relationships between their coworkers and growing their business opportunities. Would gladly attend any future events."



Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"Your workshop has rejuvenated us. The enthusiasm you shared and the experience you brought was truly an inspiration."


Demetriades Group

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"Muriel did an excellent job of getting everyone involved. We have an extremely diverse team. With that in mind, I wasn't sure what kind of plan we could come up with that would be both beneficial and interesting to everyone. It seemed effortless for Muriel. From the ice-breaker to the closing, Muriel had us totally engaged."


Dememarine Services

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"This was a very good exercise for our Group as sometimes, we lose focus on the big picture, based on our daily schedules. I would recommend Maravilhosa to anyone looking for this type of workshop.  Thank you Muriel for a fun as well as educational time."



Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"Thank you for an amazing team building workshop which was full of fun, team bonding, challenges and will be of benefit to us all into the future. It was so well organized and kept us engaged until the end. I would have no hesitation in joining another workshop with Maravilhosa."


Dememarine Services

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"Thanks for a creative workshop. I found the workshop very useful in terms of pointing me in the right direction and I feel I now have a basis for how to move forward."  


Demetriades Group

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

"Worthwhile. Muriel is knowledgeable and I learned stuff about social behavior that I didn’t know. The content was engaging. It was interactive and the speaker welcomed contributions from the participants. A good session."


Demetriades Group

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Understanding Personalities in Conflict"

"In the workplace, we see every day the benefits but also the challenges related with co-working of absolutely different personalities and behaviours of our colleagues. It was interesting indeed to hear about the approach which helps to better understand the specifics of each basic personality. It has been discussed that when a situation arises, an individual will handle it based upon his or her personal values, beliefs, and personality traits. These traits are developed throughout a person's lifetime and cannot be easily changed, so it is more helpful for managers and co-workers to try to understand this rather than to fight it.
It was a pleasure and good experience to attend and be a part of discussion at this workshop."


Marketing Manager

Wise Link Holdings Ltd

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Understanding Personalities in Conflict"

“Being responsible for HR issues in an organisation is not an easy job... Things are tougher in the cases that you have a lot of other responsibilities to face at work, such as administration, evaluation procedures etc . I wanted to join the  “Understanding personalities in Conflict” workshop,  as I found that some colleagues were very difficult to communicate between each other and even worse, it was very difficult for me to pass the correct messages to them. The workshop had an excellent way to make you understand different personalities and how they interact in the work place, as well as understanding your own personality.  As we all know “it takes two to tango”... so it’s not enough to blame other people for miscommunication if you do not use yourself judgement and self discipline as well.
Carried out in a very efficient and friendly way, the workshop really helped me to face a lot of challenges arising from different behaviours in the organisation!
Thanks Muriel for this pleasant experience that helped me understand myself and others and the reasons why we overreact sometimes!  We are all different personalities but this doesn’t mean we cannot co-exist in harmony and work in a productive way and of course, learn from each other!“


Senior Administrative Officer

Sewerage Board of Limassol - Amathus

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Understanding Personalities in Conflict"

"Working with people in the workplace (and not only) and as much as one will try to avoid it, will occasionally lead to a situation of conflict. Understanding personalities in conflict, starting with ones self, will greatly assist in salvaging as much of any relationship as possible.  We had the opportunity to study an Enneagram, explore our individual Enneagram style and more significantly try to explore the style of other individuals with whom we felt we were in conflict in an effort to understand distinct habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. Muriel and  Karolina masterfully assisted in unfolding our inner wisdom and tapping into our individual potential as well as those around us. A very interactive workshop! I would gladly revisit."


Deputy General Manager

Tamoil Overseas Limited

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Managing the Employment Relationship"

"In the absence of an in-house HR Department and as Deputy General Manager, a lot of times I am confronted with employment relationship issues.  It is important to invest time to understand such issues and to try to find an amicable solution in the best interest of all concerned. The workshop has educated me with regards to latest updates on legal (both local and EU) aspects and obligations. It also provided helpful hints and ideas on how to upgrade manuals of procedure etc. Both Workshop Leaders, Muriel Matta (on the HR side) and Despo Andreou (on the Legal side) provided a vast amount of very useful information on the matter which they helped to embed using excellent audience-engaging tools and challenging group exercises. A day well spent indeed!


Deputy General Manager

Tamoil Overseas Limited