"Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door"
Kyle Chandler



Maravilhosa provides Consultancy, Personalized Advice, Training and Coaching, aimed at addressing and resolving workplace situations and professional development.
With the assistance of customized diagnostics, surveys, assessments, reports, action plans and various strategies, I work with people and Organizations to increase performance, encourage change and foster transformation.


Shipping & Trading
Managing diversity means addressing situations such as interpersonal conflicts and team communication issues, especially in remote management.
Banking & Insurance
Corporate culture and values are important, in line with creative and innovative procedures implementation.
Oil & Gas
The opportunity for jobs to be created in the Oil and Gas industry is currently raised, due to the shortage of technical and engineering professionals.
Legal & Finance
Young Lawyers and Finance professionals are evolving in the international business environment and come across cultural differences, business etiquette and cross-cultural communication.
Consumer Goods
Leadership is required to manage departments and teams, set goals and objectives, delegate responsibilities, solve conflicts and motivate employees at all times.
Green Energy
Sourcing the right experts and developing them is a major responsibility, in line with coaching and mentoring young leaders and planning their career path across the Organization.
Investment professionals must be up-to-date with required technical skills, as well as strong leadership skills, communication and negotiation skills, conflict resolution and stress management.
Service quality, communication skills and customers preferences are factors that impact the Leisure industry and affect the achievement of planned results.
Customized Solutions
Small, medium size and large organizations face the same challenges in terms of attracting and retaining a qualified workforce, engaging their people and managing their performance.