I12: Cyprus and the yachting industry


I12: Cyprus and the yachting industry is sponsored by Multimarine Services Limited.

MULTIMARINE SERVICES LTD (MMS) Ltd was founded in 2001 and operates as a Mechanical and Marine Engineering Contractor based in Limassol Port, Cyprus. MMS Ltd is a specialist fabricator and certified welding provider with strong presence in the Eastern Mediterranean Marine and Oil & Gas Industries.

The company operates a floating drydock and shipyard facilities in Limassol Port. Since 2018, the Shipyard expanded its services to include super yacht refits and repairs.


I12: Cyprus and the yachting industry

Owning a yacht means you enjoy life at sea, sharing your passion with friends and family. And it also means that you will be seeking the best destinations and service hubs for your luxury boat.
How much potential does Cyprus have for the yachting industry?
Can Cyprus be considered both as a destination and a service hub?
Do we have all the services required accordingly? 

More details will be shared soon regarding this initiative and its team members.