I10: Coastal plastic waste management


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I10: Coastal plastic waste management

How can we fight plastic pollution in Cyprus?
What can we do in our companies and communities to raise awareness and encourage more initiatives?

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(2nd Brainstorming event pictures of the team's presentation on highlighted link).

Nicole Constantinou (Initiative Leader)
I studied Cultural Technology and Communication at Aegean University and worked in Greece for almost five years.
During the first year, I worked in the shipping industry and then moved to multinational Advertising Agencies for online & offline ads and communication.
I relocated to Cyprus back in 2012, where I worked as a Digital Strategy Engineer in Limassol, and then opened my own advertising agency, Holy Cow Advertising, which I run for 5 years.
Since 2018, I proudly work at UMAR|WSR’s as the Group Brand Manager.



Rafaella Yiangou is the Business Developer of FML Ship Management in Cyprus since January 2019. She is responsible for following up new business opportunities, setting up meetings with potential clients and maintaining a good working relationship with existing ones. In addition to the above role, she supports the management on other internal matters such as planning and preparation of presentations and media relations.
She joined Fleet Cyprus in 2015 as an Accounts Officer and gradually rose to her present rank.
With an MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School and a BSc in Economics from the University of Reading, she is well equipped with the practical knowledge of the shipping industry and valuable insights to face the challenges of international shipping business.
In 2019, she received her Professional Qualification from the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and she is now a full member of the Institute. She is also a member of WISTA.


Nietta Keane is an Irish-Cypriot lawyer, currently based in the Netherlands.
Her main areas of interest include human rights, humanitarian law, family law as well as public and private international law.
Before successfully completing her legal pupillage and bar examinations in Cyprus, she obtained her Bachelor in Law from the University of Exeter.
She is currently working towards obtaining her LLM in Leiden, Netherlands, attending an Advanced Master in International Children’s Rights at Universiteit Leiden.




Marina Nikolaitcheva, Managing Director - Mester Commercial Ltd and Board Member of Cyprus Marine Club.
>20+ years in Shipping and Trading Companies (Ship Owning and Ship Management), in managerial positions; area of expertise includes Commercial Operations of both Tankers and Dry Cargo Ships, Post Fixtures, Cost and Budgetary control, Procurement (S&P) etc.
Marina had obtained a Master’s Degree in Transport Management at the Academy for External Trade (VAVT) and the Academy of Water Transport, both in Moscow, Russia. She lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada, then in Cork, Ireland, from where she moved to Cyprus in 2002.
Additionally Marina has an extensive experience in working with mass-media, including 5 years of being contributing columnist for Russian newspaper “Vestnik Kipra”, located in Limassol. Also Marina has always been sensitive to environmental issues and animal welfare. Therefore, she also serves as a volunteer in a pet shelter for many years.


Daniel Ellinas
I am currently employed as a R&D coordinator in the Department of Maritime Transport & Commerce, Frederick University. I hold a BA (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Portsmouth and received my two-year Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management-Shipping from PSIVET while working as a junior Business Consultant in IHE-Innovative Business Services. I am currently studying in MSc International Trade and Shipping Management (Frederick University).
My love for nature and practical experience initiated at a younger age in our family business Oleastro Enterprises Ltd.
I highly enjoy physical activities which are directly linked to nature, both land and sea. Artistic creativity has always had a major role in my life; playing music, singing, drawing, theatre, and for the past 4 years cosplaying. Cosplaying is a fascinating amalgam of crafting, acting, playing, socializing; a means of expressing yourself through personas you feel a connection with.
The foundation of our very existence is to love ourselves, those around us and the earth we live in; actions contributing to this are the only thing that matters.