The Brainstorming Community

The Brainstorming Series is a concept created by Muriel Matta, launched on the 28th of May 2019 in a first brainstorming session hosted by Cyprus Marine Club. Passionate and creative participants from various industries and generations have been invited by Muriel to choose an initiative they are passionate about, get together and create action plans accordingly. Their brainstorming and team building was facilitated by Muriel. The participants' profiles, ideas and actions are shared herein.
Meet the Bainstorming Community!


Cyprus Marine Club is the Brainstorming Community Major Supporter. The Club has hosted the first session of the Brainstorming Series in May 2019 and several of its members are currently actively involved in the above-mentioned initiatives.
The Club supports the launching of various initiatives and encourages ideas sharing, for the greater good of our community and young leaders.
CMC aims for its members to stay informed and learn, connect with like-minded people, help shape the future, enhance their business relationships and share their thoughts.
Therefore, Cyprus Marine Club members are encouraged to join the Brainstorming Community, in line with the Club Values: Fellowship, Communication and Networking. 

I1: Mentoring and professional development
How can we guide young people and help them develop their professional life?  
I2: Gaps between our leaders’ expectations and our young professionals
Can we identify the gaps between our leaders’ expectations and our young professionals?  
I3: Blue Tank
The Blue Tank is a think tank.
I4: Cyprus's Connectivity
The view of the current situation from stakeholders.
I6: Attract cruise Shipping to Cyprus
What can we do to attract more cruise Shipping on the island throughout the year?  
I7: Water Transfers
How will it be done? What is needed to implement this initiative?  
I8: Equal Opportunities to Age, Gender and Diversity
How can we promote respect for differences and equal opportunities?  
I9: Anti-corruption practices and anti-bribery training
How can we embrace and implement anti-corruption practices and anti-bribery training?  
I10: Coastal plastic waste management
How can we fight plastic pollution in Cyprus?  
I11: Inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace
How can we improve employment and pay of people with disabilities?  
I12: Cyprus and the yachting industry
How much potential does Cyprus have for the yachting industry? Can Cyprus be considered both as a destination and a service hub?