Wellbeing at work: we still have a long way to go

How often can a person feel comfortable enough to talk about their mental health?
How many people in our workplaces are trained to deal with mental health issues?
Is every Organization aware that mental health affects its people and workplace environment?
Are leaders calling for action and help to address mental health in the workplace?

Following an Employee Engagement Survey across Vassallo Group in Malta, the results of which were assessed and subsequently discussed with employees, the Director of HR & Communications, Charlo Bonnici took the initiative to organize the seminar “Wellbeing @ Work” addressed to the Companies of Vassallo Group.

Charlo suggests there are still misconceptions in the workplace about mental health and it would be good to remind everyone that we are all prone to such situations, irrespective of role, age and social status.

This bi-annual training day was held on the 25th of October 2018 at the Training & Development Centre, The Landmark Qormi and achieved its goals to raise awareness and drive change in behaviours.

I was invited by Charlo to talk about issues that affect employees’ wellbeing in the workplace, such as burnout, stress and time pressure, miscommunication, conflicts, misbehaviours and unexpected situations.
In my interaction with Vassallo Group audience, I shared my customized “10 Steps to Wellbeing at Work”, which enable a person to focus on their objectives, achieve meaningful work, enjoy every learning experience and be able to relax.

Arianne Spiteri Cremona, Deputy Manager – Employment, Training and Organisation Support Unit of Richmond Foundation was invited to address the important topic of mental health.
In her presentation, Arianne raised awareness of mental health and wellbeing, including the different mental illnesses and mental health difficulties.
Her focus was on employees to become more aware of how common mental health difficulties are, as well as the importance of seeking help themselves if they are experiencing mental health difficulties, and/or encouraging others to do so.

The seminar was a success and participants have greatly benefited from all the information which was shared. I personally learned a lot from Arianne and her experience in training people on the topic of mental health in the workplace.

It makes me happy to see that several Organizations value the importance of wellbeing within their ‘family’, their people, and go the extra mile in providing training, coaching and assistance to help everyone feel safe, comfortable and valued.

Vassallo Group provides its employees with an Employment Assistance Program, which gives employees the opportunity to discuss any type of difficulty they might be going through, be it personal or work-related, in total confidentiality and to benefit from every support a person may need, for themselves and their families, through professional assistance.

The Group has its own Employee Committees with whom the Management continuously confers issues of concern to their people, as well as important subjects like mental health, wellbeing and health & safety.

Bring Your Child to Work Day was a CareMalta initiative which started around 8 years and is now being organised on a Vassallo Group level.  In order to boost wellbeing and the sense of belonging, the Group invites their people’s children to come to their offices and see where their parents work. Everyone enjoys watching the children running around or sitting with their mothers and fathers at their desks or visiting the large CaterEssence’s kitchen. This initiative is an example for Organizations to follow.

A few words about Vassallo Group:

Following the devastation caused by the Second World War, Vassallo Group (Malta) embarked on a mission to 'rebuild the nation' and has never looked back.
Building on its strengths, the Group carries a legacy that is over seventy-two years old, and over the years has diversified its operations that brought about expansion and investment.
Vassallo Group stands at the forefront of several different sectors in the Maltese market that include Property and Construction, Furniture and Interiors, Elderly and Disability, Catering, Hospitality, Architecture and Education.

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In line with her Vision, she launched Maravilhosa in 2014 to help organizations build high-performing teams.
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