We are too busy to attend training courses!

You have definitely heard this one many times: “we are overloaded, we have too much work and we have no time for training.”

Zig Ziglar says it best: “Lack of direction not lack of time is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days”.

How we use our time is key. How we define what matters most is success.

As far as I know, work never finishes. There is no caption that says “The End” when you are done with a project or when you have acquired a new client.

People need to reinvent themselves every day, they need to constantly learn new skills and challenge their thoughts and processes. If they don’t, they risk losing their jobs and their businesses.

Many Organizations in every industry and in every market have enough time to train their people and lead the way to new business opportunities. They invite their teams to take part in games, brainstorming sessions, interactive discussions, as well as conferences and educational events. Does this mean they have less work?

When we learn new skills, we are able to better adapt to changes and sustain in competitive environments. We will be able to make a difference with the quality of products and services we offer and the level of customer satisfaction and retention. It all starts with the workplace culture, the mission, vision and values of the leadership team.

Some time ago, a friend of mine was telling me the story of his colleague who would refuse to use Excel sheet - let alone any new software - and instead, would spend endless time checking figures with a pen and paper. He did not know how to use updated programs and refused to be trained, because it would jeopardize his comfort zone. He argued that he was 50 years and too old to change his way of work.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one. There are plenty of other examples in every function and industry, in terms of documentation, analysis, processes and procedures.

But most importantly, we are talking about soft skills. When a professional lacks time management, he ends up with continuous stress and constant delays in delivering his projects. When someone lacks communication, teamwork and leadership skills, they can easily disengage their teams and directly affect performance and the bottom line. When people ignore certain skill set such as interview skills or conflict resolution abilities or the art of constructive conversations, they risk making the wrong decisions and thus, open the door to under performance, legal issues, stress and a very high turnover.

Clients are always seeking the best service quality and they will expect professional standards at all levels. If an Organization is too slow or less efficient, they will soon go elsewhere, since they have so many choices nowadays.

It is often too late when an Organization realizes the losses it has made over the years, due to lack of training and lack of strategic decisions. Keeping up to date, embracing change and continuously developing people skills has a direct impact on cost management, reputation, customer retention and sustainability.

There is always time for training and development, if we really want to invest in it. Perhaps then, we can learn to better manage our workload and be continuously available for growth opportunities.

Muriel Matta

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Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is the Founder of Maravilhosa.
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience, spanning 26 years in MENA, Europe and CIS.
Through her work with Organizations and Individuals, she helps solve the  toughest HR challenges by customizing unique training and coaching solutions to inspire change, positive thinking and transformation.
Muriel can be contacted via email: Muriel@maravilhosa.net

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