My last reflections for 2022

I sat down to reflect on this year before I bid it goodbye. Here is what I came up with.

  1. When a year ends, the only thing you take forward with you is your new version. And this version determines how you will deal with the coming year’s challenges.

  2. Time will never be recovered, nor days or months, which are gone forever. Only the outcome remains - how you spent your time, and what it brought to your life.

  3. Taking a break every now and then, and timing, is important. Sometimes thirty minutes will add as much value as a day off.

  4. The lesson is waiting for you at every corner. Whether you spot it or not, is really up to you. 

  5. Unwrapped gifts are the most precious. They come in the form of quiet time, deep conversations, and random situations.

  6. Being in nature is grounding. You learn so much just by watching and respecting your surroundings.

  7. Gratitude. Effort. Failure. Doubt. Growth. Embrace it all while you constantly move from one to another.

  8. Sometimes people are in your life for years, and you don’t learn anything together. Other times, a total stranger will show up, and teach you something you will never forget.

  9. There is power in using your creativity. You will realize that doing things differently, in many areas of your life, can resolve a lot of your challenges.

  10. Be patient with yourself. Take your time to feel, to reflect, to question, and to decide. Then start again.

© Muriel Matta 2022

Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is an HR Advisor, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator. 
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience. 

In line with her Vision, she launched Maravilhosa in 2014 to help organizations build high-performing teams. 

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Muriel can be contacted via email: Muriel@maravilhosa.net

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