Life redefined: a hopeful post-pandemic future

During the past two years, volatility became the norm. We have been living in uncertainty, trying to protect our health, the health of our loved ones, families, colleagues, and friends.
However, as life is slowly being redefined, we want to look ahead, post-pandemic, with a positive outlook.
What did we learn that we can capitalize on?
How shall we plan and think, to keep our people safe and our businesses growing?

It is with great pleasure and honor that I have been given the opportunity to assemble the panel and moderate last week’s discussion, Life redefined: a hopeful post-pandemic future.
The panel discussion was organized and hosted by Cyprus Marine Club at Gazebo, Limassol Marina, on Tuesday the 22nd of March.

I was honored to welcome 5 esteemed panelists, who shared their inspirational thoughts on the pandemic’s effects and changes, emphasizing on the trends of the future and a post-pandemic way of living:
Ms. Genia Boustany, Director - Poseidonia Beach Hotel
Ms. Eleni Kaloyirou, CEO - Hermes Airports Ltd
Mr. Andreas Mylonas, Managing Partner - Mylonas Law | AMG Mylonas & Associates LLC
Mr. George Papanastasiou, Managing Director - VTT Vasiliko Ltd
Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg, CEO - Intership Navigation Co. Ltd

During and following the panel discussion, there was a lively exchange of views and experiences between the panelists and the audience.

I really enjoyed working together with Cyprus Marine Club, once again.
My aim was to talk about a hopeful future, with esteemed panelists from various industries and, as usual, a very enthusiastic CMC audience.

Hope is a powerful feeling.
Let us be curious about the future as opposed to being afraid of uncertainty.
The unknown offers the possibility of learning and development, looking at opportunities for a life redefined, meaningful, and hopeful.

For Cyprus Marine Club's Press Release, and the event's photos, please follow the highlighted link.
Photos Credit: Cyprus Marine Club

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Ms. Genia Boustany
Ms. Eleni Kaloyirou
Mr. Andreas Mylonas
Mr. George Papanastasiou
Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg