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Characterized as a ‘Second-Chance Institution’, The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) celebrates this year its 40th anniversary and is scheduled to hold the CIM Summit 2018 on the 31st of March. CIM’s Deputy-Director General Yangos Hadjiyannis shares the challenges that the Institution has come through, its key educational priorities and its main objectives for 2018.

Muriel: “Congratulations! The Cyprus Institute of Marketing celebrates this year 40 years of teaching. When you look back, what are the challenges that the Institution has encountered?”

Yangos: “The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) has been operating in Nicosia since 1978 and in Limassol since 1984. The Institute, which is the first Business School in the country, was set up to promote the science of marketing in Cyprus and abroad. During the past 40 years, CIM has evolved into a major international centre for the development of business education, including many diverse fields such as Management, Accounting & Finance, Shipping, Tourism, Banking and many others. CIM has provided the opportunity to more than 5,000 students to acquire qualifications of the highest standards and to excel both personally as well as professionally.

Ever since its establishment, CIM has been a pioneer in the teaching of adult, in-career people. Offering exclusively evening classes to working individuals, it attracts especially those who, for one reason or another, missed out on the opportunity to study right after graduating from high school, but who have always had the will to learn and further their careers. CIM has thus rightly been characterised as a ‘Second-Chance Institution’; as we like to say here, Learning Never Ends.

The first challenge we faced back in 1978 was to convince the Cypriot Organisations to invest in marketing, since at that time, the notion was unknown and misunderstood. Then, we had to develop marketing as science so that students would study marketing and help their companies grow. The fact that Cyprus is an extremely competitive market when it comes to Higher Education with more than 40 Colleges and 8 Universities, is also a challenge, but CIM has come to differentiate itself and to provide a unique offering that no other academic institution can match.”

Muriel: “Learning styles and tools have tremendously changed, and teaching organizations need to constantly adapt. How would you describe the development of your educational system?”

Yangos: “The CIM programmes are unique in that they combine theory and practice, giving students the necessary for securing employment or for getting promoted at their existing job. The tools have to do with the combination of theory and practice, whereas we develop the students’ personal skills, for example acquiring presentation / negotiation skills. We also grant our students direct access to the business world, through strategic partnerships with the leading firms in Cyprus.

CIM offers high-quality education and expert training which is tailored according to individual needs, be they a student’s personal career, family or any other commitments. The CIM’s distinguished lecturers and tutors begin with an initial evaluation and then structure a learning programme around the person’s specific strengths and weaknesses, guiding them towards pre-set and pre-agreed goals.

We have been very consistent with regards to our academic offering, always placing quality before quantity and ensuring the highest possible return on investment. In an increasingly competitive market, CIM offers excellent, high-quality education that combines theory and practice, helping students jumpstart or further their career.”

Muriel: “What are your objectives for 2018?”

Yangos: “2018 is a festive year for CIM, as Cyprus’s first Business School is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. We will organise the CIM Summit 2018 in March, a Gala Dinner at the Presidential Palace in June, an Open Lecture by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou in October and our Graduation Ceremony in November. On top of the major events, many other smaller events and activities will be taking place.

We are also proud that this month, we are launching in collaboration with the University of West London the first MSc Digital Marketing in Cyprus. CIM aims to continue offering innovative programmes which provide the highest return on investment.”

Muriel: “What was the best advice you were ever given?”

Yangos: “The best advice I have been given is to be resilient to challenges and follow closely my strategic plan. Also, it’s crucial that any crisis should be looked at as a possible opportunity. For example, during the meltdown of the Cypriot economy in 2013, we invested heavily on relocating to new state of the art premises in Limassol.

Us, at CIM, have faced many challenges and obstacles in the past 40 years, but we have managed to come out stronger and stronger. Today, we are proud of our history and we are confident about our future.”

Muriel: “Who inspires you to break your limits?”

Yangos: “Inspiration comes from within the Institute, when I see some of our students juggling with their professional career, family life and studies, towards receiving their Degrees. We call them the “academic heroes”, since they need to sacrifice a lot to earn a world-class award that will shape their future career.

Of course, inspiration comes also from the business world, in which there are many success stories that are inspirational, both in Cyprus and abroad.

The most important quote that guided me throughout my early days at CIM is from John Sculley: “The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”


Yangos Hadjiyannis was born in 1982 in Nicosia. He graduated from the English School and studied at the University of Nottingham, where he has earned an LL.B. with a First Class Honours.
He then moved to the University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall) where he has earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and the next year he has earned an LL.M. in International Law with a First Class Honours. Achieving first place among Law students at Trinity Hall College, he was proclaimed a Bateman Scholar for Academic Excellence.
He moved back to Cyprus in 2007 where he successfully completed the Cyprus Bar Examinations and became a member of the Cyprus Bar Association. Since 2008, he is the Deputy Director-General of The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, in charge of business development and strategy.
He is a lecturer for Commercial Law & Marketing at CIM and a Visiting Lecturer for Management at Peoples Friendship University in Moscow. He is also a Chartered Marketer and a Member of the Chartered Management Institute. He is a member of the Cyprus Advertising Control Agency, member of the Executive Committee of the Cyprus Employer & Industrialists Federation (OEB) and advisor to many companies on issues of strategy and management.

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