How to get back on track after summer break
  1. Make a note of your achievements during your summer break. Did you meet inspirational people and learnt from them? Have you visited a new place that boosted your creative thinking? Did you learn a new skill, a healthy lifestyle, specific behaviour or did you let go of bad habits?

  2. Continue in the path of inspiration, creative thinking and good practice you acquired during your summer time. If it is a new book, make sure you finish it and start another one, so you don’t lose the habit of reading. Keep in touch with positive people who have added value to your conversations;

  3. Get straight back to your work routine with determination and be committed to implement the thoughts and ideas that came to your mind during your break;

  4. Plan your week, month and quarter. You will most probably be very productive once you return from your holidays and your performance will be at its peak, because you have recharged your batteries. Seize this opportunity to perform all the tasks which are important and that you may have been constantly postponing before your vacation;

  5. Take a look at old challenges with a different perception. You may have left on your desk a pile of issues that need to be sorted out. When you get a good rest, your perception of potential difficulties and obstacles can change and you will be able to consider a different set of solutions or action steps;

  6. Meet people and discuss topics of interest. When professionals get together after a nice summer break, the exchange between them can be extremely inspirational and useful. It may also be the right time to find appropriate solutions for old problems;

  7. Solve any misunderstanding or miscommunication with your colleagues, suppliers, or customers, in order to move forward. When everyone is tired from a long year, it is easy to inadvertently trigger a conflict or a stressful situation, right before the holidays. Contact your colleagues and offer to work together at understanding the various perceptions and finding common solutions;

  8. Take care of your health, get regular good night sleeps and exercises. If you spent very few hours sleeping during your holidays, make sure you get enough rest upon your return, in order to be productive and energetic;

  9. Put order in your office and in your home. When your mind and body have rested for a while, you are more prone to organize your space and clear your drawers as well as this pile of documents from previous years;

  10. Help someone else reach their goals. People around you are struggling with their own challenges and can sometimes benefit from your experiences and advice. Don’t hesitate to help a friend or a colleague by sharing your thoughts, or connecting them with others who can help them as well.

Muriel Matta

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Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is the Founder of Maravilhosa.
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience, spanning 26 years in MENA, Europe and CIS.
Through her work with Organizations and Individuals, she helps solve the  toughest HR challenges by customizing unique training and coaching solutions to inspire change, positive thinking and transformation.
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