Determination has no gender

International Women’s Day is globally celebrated on the 8th of March. Today, we are reminded how much we can do within our fields of activity.

Gender gaps, inequalities, discrimination, lack of trust and other bitter challenges stand in our way and can test our willingness to succeed in what we have set out to achieve.
If we want something bad enough, we can spend time learning about it, planning to reach it and growing from the experience.

Do we want a bright career, a loving family, a healthy lifestyle, a promotion? Do we want to write a book, start a business, lead a project, relocate and get a new life? It is all about determination, patience and empathy.

There will always be challenges to face and these take different forms. We may have to deal with a health problem, the loss of a loved one, unethical behaviour, lack of trust and rejections. We take some time to grieve, to own our emotions and then, we use all the power within us to stand up and start over again.

Closed doors are part of the journey, as much as wide open doors. Whether we decide to go through, is what makes the difference.

Do we want something bad enough?

  1. Then we must unlock those doors with all the tools we have;
  2. If we don’t have the tools, we look for them, we ask for help, or we create those tools;
  3. We respect every person while unlocking doors and we smile, often;
  4. We take a pause and help others around us, who are trying to unlock their own doors;
  5. A door may be opened by one person or by a group of committed people;
  6. If a door is persistently closed, we take a step back and we think;
  7. Is it the right time to open it? Is this door for us? Can we go around it? Shall we try another one?
  8. Learn the lessons of the experience, assess the revised plan of action and start over.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful” - Joshua J. Marine.

Determination, empathy and patience have no gender. Get up, look for what you want, learn about it, educate yourself and coach people around you. There is always a way to reach even the far-reaching places. The joy and satisfaction come from figuring out the tools, the roads and the lessons along the way.

Muriel Matta

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Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is the Founder of Maravilhosa.
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience, spanning 26 years in MENA, Europe and CIS.
Through her work with Organizations and Individuals, she helps solve the  toughest HR challenges by customizing unique training and coaching solutions to inspire change, positive thinking and transformation.
Muriel can be contacted via email: Muriel@maravilhosa.net