A memorable team building experience in Brussels with CLIA-Europe!

In a scenic location by the lake of Genval, I joined CLIA-Europe team to facilitate a two-day interactive team building workshop, on the 16th and 17th of February 2018.

The Cruise Lines International Association’s team members traveled to the location from Denmark, the United Kingdom and Brussels offices. We stayed all together at Martin’s Chateau Du Lac in Genval - Brussels for two days, during which we shared memorable activities.

The constructive and transparent atmosphere led to a remarkable teamwork between the team members: Andreas Chrysostomou (SG), Andy Harmer (SVP), Bo Larsen (SVP), Andrew Walker (D), Martyn Griffiths (D), Nikos Mertzanidis, Paul Altena, Marieke de Bakker and Caroline Ancion.

The CLIA team shared real-life stories, a variety of thoughts, ideas and experiences, played games and had fun together.

The venue which was niched in a breath-taking location, the warmth of the atmosphere, the variety of the programme and the engagement of all participants, contributed to the great success of the team building workshop.

A passionate team is always keen to preserve optimal levels of commitment, efficiency and accountability. When members maintain a high-trust working environment, a team can easily adapt to change management and develop individual and collective resilience.

The fascinating aspect of every customized workshop I design lays in the energy of the group. There is a combination of art and enthusiasm in team building activities, during which a group of people blend their commitment, passion for what they do, eagerness to succeed and support for each other.

When people take time to learn about one another, when they commit to work under pressure, as well as laugh together, have fun and share memories, then they are able to form meaningful relationships and be engaged in what they do.

It takes meticulous preparation to conclude a team building weekend on a specific note and turn it into more than a wonderful memory. Creativity, inspiration, technique and engagement are all necessary ingredients for a successful team building workshop.

When I watched CLIA-Europe team members laugh together wholeheartedly and then work with the utmost concentration, sharing thoughts, listening to each other and supporting their colleagues, I felt so proud of their achievements as a team!

And that is exactly why I love my job and I strongly believe in the power of interactive workshops. Working with different teams to help them grow, be engaged and achieve success, will eventually lead to high-performers, happy customers and a sustainable Organization.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” - Steve Jobs.

Muriel Matta

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Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is the Founder of Maravilhosa.
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience, spanning 26 years in MENA, Europe and CIS.
Through her work with Organizations and Individuals, she helps solve the  toughest HR challenges by customizing unique training and coaching solutions to inspire change, positive thinking and transformation.
Muriel can be contacted via email: Muriel@maravilhosa.net

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