"Look how far you have come and you will know how far you can go"
Muriel Matta



8 exceptional circumstances that patience can grant you
Article Everyone has a story they would like to share, when you are willing to ask and take time to listen.
How a Facilitated Brainstorming Retreat unfolded in a unique outcome
Article When there is a will to find clarity and the right framework for it is available, people can achieve every goal they have in mind.
A Facilitated Brainstorming Retreat organized for the first time by a C.C.C.I. (KEVE) bilateral Business Association
Press Release This is the first time a bilateral Business Association under KEVE's auspices has organized a brainstorming activity to clarify its strategic direction. ...
How to get back on track after summer break
Article With batteries recharged, your perception of difficulties may have changed and you are able to consider a different set of solutions.
Thoughts and quotes for your summer break
Article 'Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health' – Dalai Lama
My 17 reflections on the first half of 2017
Article Be patient; you may knock on a door on many occasions and no one opens at first. Perhaps you reached out at the wrong time.
A rewarding career in a heavy industry
Interview 'It is only if we stretch the limits of ourself and become better that we shall be successful.'
How to move from excuses to actions
Article When you find meaning in a goal, you are more prone to work for it, dream of it, think of it.
My Top 5 Tips to break your limits and step out of your comfort zone
Article Where are your limits and what are your weaknesses? This is where you need to start!
If you should not be there, then leave!
Article 'I am sitting in this meeting and I came to the realization that I shouldn’t be here in the first place!'
You may be limiting your aspirations to the possibilities others have set for you
Article Many of us have unrealized potential and can achieve more if they act right now.
Are you having those constructive, meaningful conversations ... with yourself?
Article You cannot lead change, transform your Organization or your life, if you, first, are not fully energized, stimulated and engaged.