"Look how far you have come and you will know how far you can go"
Muriel Matta



The rail station encounter
Article Happiness is achieved when we change our attitude, when we redirect our energy from the daily frustrations towards endless possibilities.
Determination has no gender
Article Get up, look for what you want, learn about it, educate yourself and coach people around you.
You will be unstoppable if you choose lifelong learning
Article When you get into the habit of exchanging knowledge and teaching / learning new skills, you will gain tremendous confidence in yourself.  
Where does toxic behaviour come from?
Article Values, beliefs and behaviours of the group will reflect the health status of the culture.
How to lead constructive conversations and practise positive reinforcements for a healthier workplace culture
Article 'Working with the culture in our teams and regarding it as an investment will have clear pay-back for engagement and performance'.
This is how I help you identify and resolve your problems!
Article 'Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything' – George Bernard Shaw.  
The Two Hands reference you should always remember!
Article Very often, those you least expect to learn from are those who will give you the most memorable thoughts and lessons.  
Every Organization needs a Human Resources Management strategy, even the smallest one!
Article The Human Capital of every Organization is and remains its biggest competitive advantage.