"Look how far you have come and you will know how far you can go"
Muriel Matta



8 exceptional circumstances that patience can grant you
Article Everyone has a story they would like to share, when you are willing to ask and take time to listen.
How a Facilitated Brainstorming Retreat unfolded in a unique outcome
Article When there is a will to find clarity and the right framework for it is available, people can achieve every goal they have in mind.
A Facilitated Brainstorming Retreat organized for the first time by a C.C.C.I. (KEVE) bilateral Business Association
Press Release This is the first time a bilateral Business Association under KEVE's auspices has organized a brainstorming activity to clarify its strategic direction. ...
We are too busy to attend training courses!
Article How we use our time is key. How we define what matters most is success.  
How to get back on track after summer break
Article With batteries recharged, your perception of difficulties may have changed and you are able to consider a different set of solutions.
You will be unstoppable if you choose lifelong learning
Article When you get into the habit of exchanging knowledge and teaching / learning new skills, you will gain tremendous confidence in yourself.  
Thoughts and quotes for your summer break
Article 'Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health' – Dalai Lama
Where does toxic behaviour come from?
Article Values, beliefs and behaviours of the group will reflect the health status of the culture.
Playing a football game can add tremendous value to business relationships
Article Great business relationships promote empathy, honesty, trust and respect.
My Top 5 Tips to Avoid and Resolve Conflict with your Team Members
Article A person will assess a situation and react to it based on their perception and the organizational environment in which they are growing.
My 17 reflections on the first half of 2017
Article Be patient; you may knock on a door on many occasions and no one opens at first. Perhaps you reached out at the wrong time.
How to lead constructive conversations and practise positive reinforcements for a healthier workplace culture
Article 'Working with the culture in our teams and regarding it as an investment will have clear pay-back for engagement and performance'.