9 steps to lead a meaningful life in 2019

As we turn the page on 2018, we all have various expectations for the new year.
Will it bring more happiness, health, peace, love and success? 

While unexpected events will always occur, there is a lot we can do ourselves to receive the above gifts. 
We can enjoy a meaningful life by redefining the lifestyle we lead, the relationships we cultivate and the trends we embrace. 
Sometimes, a very small conscious change can bring happiness and add value to our lives, and the lives of people around us. 

Here is what I wish for us in 2019:

  1. Take back the control of our smartphones - Our devices are regulating our time, communication choices, emotions and relationships. When we take a step back, we are consciously able to share real moments with people, and reallocate our time to be present, without the urge to check our phones wherever we are.
  2. Make time for constructive conversations - A big chunk of our communication is done by emails and text messages. While this is important, a face-to-face communication remains vital too. The human element cannot be ignored when relationships are at the core of a great deal in our lives. Can we clearly express our thoughts, feelings, expectations and perceptions, otherwise?
  3. Commit to our health goals - To become and remain successful, we need to be healthy and happy. We care to charge our smartphones, laptops and cars, but we often forget to recharge our own batteries. We need to look after our body, mind and mental health, by finding time to rest and be constantly active. Our wellbeing is paramount!
  4. Put values at the forefront of our actions - Are we all sincerely living the values we claim to stand for? We expect respect and ethical behaviour from others, but we allow ourselves a negative attitude and misconduct. Think about the way we drive, and how we talk to each other. Couldn’t we act better behind the wheels, and try to communicate with empathy?
  5. Lead ourselves before we aim to lead others - When we reflect on our habits and behaviours, it is interesting to realise how we act towards responsibilities we are reticent to handle and be accountable for: we ignore, postpone and find excuses. If we aim to lead others around us, we must be able to lead ourselves first.
  6. Find our passion and develop it - We all have a passion, something we love doing, which may not be directly related to our work. When we discover it and spend time enjoying it, we will find meaning and purpose. Our passion will make us happier, healthier and more accomplished.
  7. Reach out when we need help - A lot of people around us are more than willing to help others grow, if we only take time to ask them. None of us made it solely on their own, without the trust, support and help from people, who genuinely care to make a difference in our communities.
  8. Say ‘thank you’ more often and be grateful - We take many things in life for granted. Sometimes people help us and do not expect anything in return; but saying ‘thank you’ is never overstated. It is important to be grateful for what we have and what we achieved. This is an attitude we are losing and which we need to cultivate more often!
  9. Reflect - Our lives are filled with tools and tasks. We have so many things to do, that we don’t have time to reflect anymore. It takes a deliberate effort from each one of us to think about what we want, to evaluate what we achieved and to decide how we will act.

© Muriel Matta 2018

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Muriel Matta (BSc, MSc, MPhil, Cert CTT Practitioner) is an HR Advisor, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator.
She is a multilingual Human Resources Management expert, with extensive cross-cultural experience in MENA, Europe and CIS. 
In line with her Vision, she launched Maravilhosa in 2014 to help organizations build high-performing teams.
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Muriel can be contacted via email: Muriel@maravilhosa.net

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