Testimonials related to the webinar Recovering our energy, confidence and discipline:

“Another very well-organised, interactive webinar by Muriel.
Sharing thoughts and experiences with other participants from different industries and backgrounds was very constructive and useful.
I am glad that I had the chance to participate!!
Congratulations once more Muriel for your excellent work."
Managing Director, Elusas Services Limited

Testimonials related to the webinar Transforming your business and adapting leadership styles:

“I took part in 2 webinars facilitated by Mrs Matta. The idea of socializing and exchanging ideas with people from different backgrounds, ages, professions and line of expertise in an open discussion format, not only allows for different perspectives and enriching discussions, but also adds the dimension of discovery and excitement to the experience… we often found ourselves building on each other’s questions and navigating into new territories. Questions, Questions and more Questions…
This experiential approach reinforces critical thinking and provided us with skills to apply in our personal and professional life as well as strategies to use when leading and working with teams.“
Director, Poseidonia Beach Hotel

"Excellent webinar on a current and interesting topic.
We undergo a transitional period that requires transformation in our businesses so that to adapt to the new normal.
The webinar gave us the chance to share ideas and experiences with a varied bunch of participants.
It was very interactive, and I am confident that it benefited all the participants to a great extent.
Congratulations Muriel!!"
Managing Director, Elusas Services Limited

“A very engaging and interesting webinar professionally guided by Muriel. The groups were formed by individuals from a variety of backgrounds and sectors providing insights and perspectives arising from discussion and their respective experiences through various practices, ideas and tools. Could serve as an eye-opener towards any organisation’s higher management in hope of being more adaptable and prepared in combating the current crisis and those yet to come.”
DANIEL ELLINAS               
R&D Coordinator, Dep. of Maritime Transport & Commerce, Frederick University

"Having the opportunity to participate at the webinar “Transforming your business and adapting leadership styles” was a great experience. The webinar was very interesting as we had the opportunity to learn how different companies deal with the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The exchange of information regarding the measures taken to transform each business and adapt to the new circumstances was fruitful and the discussion kept the interest high.
Thank you very much Muriel for this specific webinar as it meets the challenges we are facing today."     
Associate Director, Intercollege, Nicosia & Cyprus Maritime Academy

"An excellent webinar on a contemporary subject. Professional, with attention to detail the three day session provided me with the opportunity to exchange ideas and information in a positive and constructive manner. Muriel has done an amazing job on the selection of professional participants and also initiating discussion and steering the group on the subject. The webinar format is very well thought-out and easy to follow. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate. I will be glad to recommend future webinars organised by Muriel."
Assistant Manager Insurance and Finance, Celestyal Cruises

Testimonials related to the webinar How to be prepared for the next crisis:

“How to be prepared for the next crisis” will give you the chance to re-evaluate your crisis plan (if you already have one) or help you draft one for your own organisation, after listening to the real experiences and different point of views from various professionals with different backgrounds. 
Muriel was excellent on what she does; initiating the conversation and steering it throughout the three-day session to help the group meet the goals set from the beginning. I would recommend this webinar, and any other, from Muriel!"
Business Development Manager, INCITO Ltd

“Excellent topic in light of the times we live in, Excellent moderation and last but not least an Excellent and diverse bunch of coparticipants. I certainly enjoyed this webinar, mostly due to the style that Muriel chose to follow, that is throwing in a discussion-point and stepping back thus allowing for interaction amongst the participants. Moreover, and full credit goes to Muriel for the selection of the participants, everyone used relevant and real-life examples when expanding their thoughts and opinion. Well done Muriel, well done to the coparticipants…let us all keep on walking and be prepared for the next crisis whatever that may be”.
Business Development Manager, Prevention at Sea Ltd

Testimonials related to the webinar Accepting a New Normal and leading your team:

“Thank you Muriel for an amazing Webinar, which gave a lot of insights and ideas on how Managers should Adjust their Strategies, mentality and leadership style in order to be more understanding and more effective on the way they keep their staff motivated and committed in these difficult times. It was a really enjoyable webinar with many great ideas shared and thoughts coming from an amazing blend of professionals across different industries. I will take with me some good ideas which will help me accept, adapt and adjust the way I work during these difficult times. Thanks a lot for the great and helpful discussions. Also good material and some eye-opening videos shared.”
Sales Manager, One Net Ltd

"I was very pleased to participate in the webinar ”Accepting a new normal and leading your team”.
The high quality of the discussion and the views exchanged between the participants presented great insight and also inspiration to me as an employer, on adapting to the new realities of both living and conducting business in a world that a few months ago, none of us could have imagined.
Congratulations Muriel for an excellent webinar!"
Chairman, Epsco (Cyprus) Ltd

"Thank you so much for organising the webinar. Being by nature a "technophobe", I must say that interacting with other professionals remotely was a unique experience for me. It opened my mind to a new method of learning and evolving as a working woman and human being. The subject itself, the "New Normal" following the Covid-19 crisis was extremely interesting, again showing how technology can facilitate us in working and achieving from the comfort and safety of our office or home. Bring on the next webinar dear Muriel!"
Senior Associate, Chrysses Demetriades & Co. LLC

“Thank you for an insightful training topic.  Something that everyone should consider attending. Thank you once again, I will recommend it!”
Managing Director / Crewing Manager, 3 Seas Shipping Ltd

"Thank you for the great webinar about  “Accepting a New Normal and leading your team”. The webinar was very informative and helpful and the presentation was very well-structured. Useful and valuable information delivered in an excellent manner. The webinar was very interactive, which benefited all the participants enormously. During the webinar we had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences. The after personal virtual discussion is undoubtful a great addition. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend! I would highly recommend it.
Thank you so much Muriel!”
Advocate-Director, Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm

Testimonials related to the interactive Soft Skills webinar for the students of Frederick University:

"The webinar was a great and needed experience, as it enhanced even more the way we should act / react in the work environment, You are doing a great job and I'm glad for attending."

"You taught me many things that help me now at work, and I use it to be more effective, and achieve my goals and team goals every day."

"Thank you for providing us with such great knowledge. I really enjoyed it. Hopefully an opportunity like this will be presented to us again in the future."

Testimonials related to the 2nd Brainstorming event:

"The “I am Passionate and Creative” event's objective was complex in nature, as we were to present 12 different initiatives to our audience in a meaningful and comprehensive manner. Yet again, Muriel succeeded to seamlessly orchestrate our various teams efficiently and successfully. I enjoy working with her and look forward to the next opportunity."
General Manager, Londa Hotel

"This brainstorming event was well organized, energetic and very enjoyable. It was packed with so much interesting and contemporary information. Great networking opportunity amongst the participants attending, offering at the same time an effective source of motivation and inspiration."  
Head, Dept. of Maritime Transport and Commerce, Frederick University

"My participation in this program has been a joyful journey through which I met new people in the working groups, and I had the opportunity to submit my experiences in this field. The purpose of this entire project was to impart information and material to the business community on issues of their concern, being handled daily. The diversity of subjects covers a broad range of activities in the business world and society alike as it touched upon many social issues. The support by Muriel in processing and preparing the presentations for the conference has been substantial and decisive."
Chief Human Resources and Communication Officer, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd

Testimonials related to the customized workshop of DP World Limassol:

"Really enjoyed the discussion and opening our minds together as a team. Looking forward to supporting the implementation of your ideas."
General Manager, DP World Limassol

"We have chosen Muriel Matta to facilitate a workshop for us for Women Empowerment, because of her professionalism, enthusiasm and passion in what she does! Thank you, Muriel, for an excellent job in organizing and facilitating this inspiring workshop with great success!"
Human Resources Manager, People Department, DP World Limassol

Testimonial related to the Team Building event of Pyrgou Vakis LLC:

"On behalf of our firm, I wish to thank you for giving us a very professionally organized team building event. Everyone enjoyed it immensely and I would agree with you and to quote you 'we need to play more'."
Director, Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm

Testimonial related to the Team Building workshop of CLIA-Europe:

“CLIA-Europe ‘team building’ workshop was an opportunity to gather my team members from Brussels, United Kingdom and Denmark for two consecutive days to brainstorm current challenges and define the way forward.
Muriel’s experience and knowledge into multi – National / Cultural teams gave the workshop the dynamic spin that I personally aspired for this gathering and I am really satisfied and happy that Maravilhosa was chosen.
Customarily, customized workshops are not an easy task to plan and execute but this is not the case with Muriel, as she takes time to understand the needs and challenges of the team, work with it before and during the workshop, to provide and facilitate the desired outcome. It is for this main reason that if the need arises I will work with Maravilhosa again."
Former Acting Secretary General, CLIA-Europe

Testimonial related to the design of a customized Performance Appraisal System:

“Due to the nature of our activity, being a heavy industry with many work specialties and important requirements in each position, a need emerged for a new and well-structured Performance Appraisal system. The new system is based on personnel development through continuing dialogue and exchange of opinions, giving the possibility to evaluated persons to express an opinion. It is an easy system, without many subject matters, focusing on the most important ones and the ones that will display the employee’s proper image, helping the evaluator to identify the evaluated person’s strengths and weaknesses, developing the former and improving the latter. This system is a project carried out with the help of Muriel Matta. In cooperation with our Managers’ team, the system is built through an exchange of opinions and respective workshops. I would like to thank Muriel for the excellent work and her innovative ideas.”
Chief Human Resources, H&S, Communication Officer, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd

Testimonials related to the panel discussion "Shipping: an industry of Passion, Knowledge and Experience - Part Three":

“A very well organized event, with exceptional keynote speakers and great panel discussion. The collaboration with Maravilhosa has been amazing and we look forward to more similar future events, that only give prestige and benefit to our industry.”
Executive Director, Intercollege and Cyprus Maritime Academy

“We had the great pleasure to be sponsors of the third Shipping Panel that took place on the 17th January and would like to offer our warm congratulations to Muriel for a well organized and well attended event.
We were greatly impressed by the quality of the panel and the dialogue generated by the participants!
The location in particular was outstanding and the perfect venue for the discussion.
We look forward to being invited to sponsor the next panel!”
Managing Director Epsco Cyprus Ltd and Director Epsco Ra Security Systems

“It must be very difficult to organize such a huge event. It takes a lot of effort, time, experience and the most importantly – desire. And Muriel did everything at the highest level! I wish there could be more events throughout the world like the former Panel Discussion by Maravilhosa and also such dedicated people as Muriel. This event provided participants with the opportunity to meet with people who are not indifferent to the fate of Cyprus Shipping and also contributed to the conclusion of relations between representatives of different countries. Keep it up! Success and prosperity to you!”
HR Manager, RS Shipping Company - Ukraine

“Thank you for the fantastic organization. Extra appreciations for the location! Everything was really great and as per high standard level!”
Audit Executive, EY (Ernst & Young Cyprus) 

“What makes the Cyprus maritime cluster so unique from other similar shipping clusters around the globe, is that its resident members love to come together, discussing not only their problems, but also share their visions for the future.
Maravilhosa's 3rd panel discussion gave the opportunity for the industry pioneers, Government institutions and academics to gather in such an amazing venue, combining their thoughts and sharing their prospective for the industry future.
Special thanks go to Muriel, whom without her warm hospitality and magical organizational skills, such event wouldn’t have seen the light.”
Petroleum Inspector / Superintendent, Letrina Cyprus Ltd

“Let me Congratulate you for a very, very interesting and well organized event, which attracted persons from all the Marine environment and fields!! Thank you again for inviting us!! It was a pleasure attending!”
Former Limassol Survey Station - Team Leader/Surveyor, RINA Classification and Certification Cyprus Limited

“Full of actionable ideas and interesting information. Superb venue by the seafront with inspiring speakers. Thank you Muriel for organizing this amazing festival - you've taken Cyprus shipping events to the next orbit. Enjoyed it thoroughly.”
HSSEQ Manager, Oceanic Marine Management Ltd and Author of Golden Stripes - Leadership on the High Seas

“An excellently organised  event that brought  the Cyprus  shipping community and its stakeholders together, further cultivating the sense of community of our industry. The panel dispensed facts and ideas of great value and depth. The organizers managed to  put together a very conductive environment for us to learn and interact.
Looking forward to Maravilhosa’s next event. I believe gratitude and congratulations are in order to Muriel and the sponsors.”
Fleet Manager, LMZ Shipping S.A.

“Congratulations to you, the people behind and of course to the sponsors. Warm congratulations to the panelists for their great ideas, thoughts and experience.
Well organized, it was an excellent event.
It was my pleasure to attend Maravilhosa's 2018 event.”
DPA/CSO Marine Superintendent, Star Bulk Shipmanagement Co. (Cyprus) Ltd

Testimonials related to the Facilitated Brainstorming Retreat of Cyprus-Germany Business Association:

“When I entered my office on Friday 20 October I was very skeptical about attending the brainstorming event for CGBA! How wrong I was. 24 hours after the intensive sessions facilitated by the positive and exceptional guidance of Muriel Matta I was driving home satisfied that this was a brilliant experience. It was amazing how with the right attitude and the exceptional skills of the facilitator we actually arrived at the correct conclusions (looking at the result a week later). Hopefully this will be embraced by the whole Board so that we can move forward to achieve the goals set! I will attend a similar event organized by Muriel without the slightest hesitation. Thank you for the experience.”
Managing Partner, Rödl & Partner Cyprus

“I attended the Cyprus-Germany Business Association's facilitated brainstorming retreat with great pleasure. Muriel managed very successfully to use the team members' individual strengths, leading us skillfully during the two days and facilitating the activities resourcefully. Mission accomplished: we left with our objectives achieved. The action plan that resulted from the session is put in place, enabling our association to go from strength to strength in the future. I would definitely recommend Maravilhosa's services.”
General Manager, Londa Hotel

“The Brainstorming Event on the 20th/21st of October 2017 of the CGBA was my first participation in such an event and I was very impressed by the event leader Ms. Muriel Matta who is very inspiring, professional, enthusiastic and passionate and I was very impressed by the outcome of our work together. Through this event we managed and succeeded to bring the team of the association closer together. By being interactive and exchanging ideas and experiences we succeeded to define the visions, mission, values, strategic objectives of the Association. The event was very well organised and I would recommend it anytime and gladly participate again in a Brainstorming Event with Ms. Muriel Matta. Thank you for this experience!”
Senior Corporate Administrator, Shanda Consult Ltd

Testimonial related to a Leadership Development and Cultural Transformation project:

“CA Advocates (Pourgoura & Aspri LLC) was established in May 2011 by Alexia Aspri and myself who had an aspiration to create a progressive commercial and corporate law firm by offering tailor made professional services by directing each client’s needs in a personal and individual way. Our vision was to create a team of young individuals to provide those personalised services to our clients. As our team grew over the years the partners of the firm felt the need of guidance in the areas of human resources and decided to engage Muriel Matta for this task. 
Muriel has been a refreshing and a valuable addition to our external team of professionals. Together with the partners she dedicated her time to listen, review, understand the mission and vision of our firm and implemented this personalised need to our team and working environment. She assisted us in understanding our goals and implementing them as well as making it possible to work better as a team. 
For us, the partners Muriel has worked with one to one sessions to assist us in learning and improving our leadership skills. Those have been very helpful and productive for us as well as our team. 
Almost a year after we have engaged Muriel to assist us in this difficult project the positive results to our firm have been evident.”
Director, CA Advocates (Pourgoura & Aspri LLC)

Testimonials related to the panel discussion: "Shipping: an industry of Passion, Knowledge and Experience - Part Two"

“My deepest congratulations for a fantastic and well organized event. Very inspiring. All the best for the future.”
Senior Marine Surveyor, Department of Merchant Shipping

“As the theme of the panel discussion indicated, Shipping being all about Passion, Knowledge and Experience, Maravilhosa nailed it! Muriel expertly managed to combine these three aspects in a free flowing and open dialogue between the experts, the academics, the government and students by sharing real-life stories, provocative thoughts and forward thinking proposals. Muriel’s passion and enthusiasm attracted a number of participants never seen before in such events.
This is only the second panel discussion on shipping organised by Maravilhosa but it has already been established as an important event on the shipping calendar, not to be missed. It was certainly worth attending and already looking forward to the next one.”
CFO, Intership Navigation Co. Ltd

“It was with great pleasure that our office sponsored and attended this second panel discussion on shipping, organized by Maravilhosa on the 2nd of February 2017 - a fruitful and well organized event full of inspiring ideas and thoughts expressed by greatly respected shipping professionals to a really passionate audience comprising of different generations. Since every successful event is a collaboration, with Muriel’s great moderating skills, all panelists and speakers caught our strong interest sharing their real-life stories and thoughts, all of them being an excellent source of ideas on why shipping is an industry of passion, knowledge and experience. Our warmest congratulations to the organizers and supporters of this panel discussion! Looking forward to meeting you all at the next Maravilhosa event!”
Advocate, Christodoulos G. Vassiliades & Co. LLC

“I want to congratulate you for a well-organized event and an outstanding panel. We at CIM have been proud sponsors of this event for the first time and we are going to continue our support to the Maravilhosa Shipping Panel since we believe it contributes to the development of the shipping industry in Cyprus and bring together industry experts to discuss the latest trends and challenges.”
Deputy Director-General, Cyprus Institute of Marketing

“The conference provided a unique and wonderful opportunity to learn and build relationships with industry insiders. I found the session tremendously informative and insightful. After the conference, I feel that I have an understanding of future trends and looming opportunities. I'm pleased with the quality of the presenters and diversity of backgrounds. I look forward to future sessions. Thank you Muriel.”
Associate, EY (Ernst & Young Cyprus) 

“Warm congratulations on the second panel discussion on shipping, organized by Maravilhosa on the 2nd of February 2017. A fruitful and well-organized event addressed to a great audience of different generations. Hellenic Bank Shipping have been proud sponsors of this event and looking forward to the next Maravilhosa Shipping Panel.”
Senior Relationship Manager, Transaction Banking Shipping, Hellenic Bank

“Everything was organised and conducted in an exceptionally high level of professionalism.  From the idea conception, content, panellists, knowledge gained and the high level of participation. This panel discussion can only be interpreted as a great success, not only for Maravilhosa and Muriel Matta, but also for the Cyprus shipping industry in general.”
Director, Pyrgou Vakis Law Firm

“I was given the opportunity to attend this event on Shipping and it was a GREAT EXPERIENCE!
The whole flow of events, right from the high powered panel discussion which was a very good learning and sharing experience, to the participants and maritime students who all got involved and stressed out so many issues, shared their experiences…. Excellent networking opportunity and a refreshing evening!  Keep the excellent work up!
HR Supervisor, Celestyal Cruises

“I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful success of the event. I had a chat with a number of people over the cocktail and everybody was positively impressed with your professional and outstanding organisational skills - everything was so perfect! I am sincerely happy and proud of you! My best-best wishes to your further career achievements, which I am sure will be more than many!”
Deputy Head, ARETI International Group of Companies

“I want to congratulate you for an impeccably organized event in every sense of the way! I am truly proud of you! It’s been a very long time since I saw a room so packed up, especially with a younger audience, in a privately organized event such as yours.  You have managed to infiltrate and pass your own enthusiasm and passion and that’s a great achievement by far!”
Deputy General Manager, Tamoil Overseas Limited

Testimonials related to the panel discussion: "Shipping: an industry of Passion, Knowledge and Experience - Part One"

“Dear Muriel, let me congratulate and thank you for an amazing event. The panel was par excellence, our Shipping Minister stayed ALL the time and we all had great discussions and EVERYBODY went home with some thoughts about Shipping and our YOUNGSTERS.”
Chairman, CEO & Partner, Oesterreichischer Lloyd Shipping Group

“A great panel for young people from young people. I am sure the participants enjoyed it greatly especially the Q&A session where so many people took the floor. A great must for the Shipping community; it has to be a yearly event.”
Former Director, Department of Merchant Shipping

“It goes without say that such an initiative can only have a very positive effect on all involved in the Maritime industry. Not only do we realize the importance of educating the younger generations but also the importance of having the opportunity to exchange ideas, listen to experiences and identify where we can improve. It was with much interest that I listened to the panellists’ stories of how they initially got involved with the Maritime industry, their dedication and sacrifices made truly impressed me as it shows the love that this industry demands. I felt the Q&A was done in such a way that allowed everyone to participate, from the Minister to the maritime students. I believe it was an opportunity to stress many issues, the major one being the need for more education on the Maritime industry.”
General Manager, Shiphold Ltd

Testimonial related to a workshop in Athens:

“Living in a country which is being disassembled economically and psychologically affecting its people and while running a developing bunker broker service company in a changing Shipping industry, I have often wanted to observe a seminar to learn how to cope under high stress and volatile life conditions. Muriel Matta covered this for me with her workshop delivered in Athens and called “Workplace Challenges”.
Very insightful with practical exercises that made us think and also have fun at the same time. Muriel is alive and kicking!  She made us feel special and drew out talents we probably didn’t realize or forgot we had.
There were several exercises and the one I loved the most was the one about working in a team. The improvisation we had to do, last minute brought excitement which turned to enthusiasm and encouragement ultimately to be the best we can be. I am very happy I decided to attend Muriel’s workshop!”
Previous Vice President of WISTA HELLAS  2006
Principle of Prime Management Services, Greece 
Director of Prime Petroleum Services
Founder and Chairwoman, Project Connect

Testimonials related to the workshop: "Our Teamwork"

“The workshop has been well prepared and presented. The topics included well spotted the points and issues everyone needed to listen and wonder about themselves for their daily work in order to be more efficient, organised and successful. Muriel is a very inspirational and enthusiastic person who knows very well the ways to pass on knowledge to others as well as to make them discover on their own their strengths and what makes them unique to be better. Such workshop helped on team spirit and how people should work together for the best of their company.
We are looking forward to attend the next event presented by Maravilhosa."
Former General Manager, Dememarine Services

“This was a very insightful experience. I have attended the mini-workshop which was very well organized but above all it was fun! I would highly recommend the Workshop to anyone who is interested in improving the relationships between their coworkers and growing their business opportunities. Would gladly attend any future events.”

“Your workshop has rejuvenated us. The enthusiasm you shared and the experience you brought was truly an inspiration.”
Demetriades Group

“Muriel did an excellent job of getting everyone involved. We have an extremely diverse team. With that in mind, I wasn't sure what kind of plan we could come up with that would be both beneficial and interesting to everyone. It seemed effortless for Muriel. From the ice-breaker to the closing, Muriel had us totally engaged.”
Dememarine Services

“This was a very good exercise for our Group as sometimes, we lose focus on the big picture, based on our daily schedules. I would recommend Maravilhosa to anyone looking for this type of workshop.  Thank you Muriel for a fun as well as educational time.”

“Thank you for an amazing team building workshop which was full of fun, team bonding, challenges and will be of benefit to us all into the future. It was so well organized and kept us engaged until the end. I would have no hesitation in joining another workshop with Maravilhosa.”
Dememarine Services

“Thanks for a creative workshop. I found the workshop very useful in terms of pointing me in the right direction and I feel I now have a basis for how to move forward.”  
Demetriades Group

“Worthwhile. Muriel is knowledgeable and I learned stuff about social behavior that I didn’t know. The content was engaging. It was interactive and the speaker welcomed contributions from the participants. A good session.”
Demetriades Group

Testimonials related to the workshop: "Understanding Personalities in Conflict"

“In the workplace, we see every day the benefits but also the challenges related with co-working of absolutely different personalities and behaviours of our colleagues. It was interesting indeed to hear about the approach which helps to better understand the specifics of each basic personality. It has been discussed that when a situation arises, an individual will handle it based upon his or her personal values, beliefs, and personality traits. These traits are developed throughout a person's lifetime and cannot be easily changed, so it is more helpful for managers and co-workers to try to understand this rather than to fight it.
It was a pleasure and good experience to attend and be a part of discussion at this workshop.”
Marketing Manager, Wise Link Holdings Ltd

“Being responsible for HR issues in an organisation is not an easy job... Things are tougher in the cases that you have a lot of other responsibilities to face at work, such as administration, evaluation procedures etc . I wanted to join the  “Understanding personalities in Conflict” workshop,  as I found that some colleagues were very difficult to communicate between each other and even worse, it was very difficult for me to pass the correct messages to them. The workshop had an excellent way to make you understand different personalities and how they interact in the work place, as well as understanding your own personality.  As we all know “it takes two to tango”... so it’s not enough to blame other people for miscommunication if you do not use yourself judgement and self discipline as well.
Carried out in a very efficient and friendly way, the workshop really helped me to face a lot of challenges arising from different behaviours in the organisation!
Thanks Muriel for this pleasant experience that helped me understand myself and others and the reasons why we overreact sometimes!  We are all different personalities but this doesn’t mean we cannot co-exist in harmony and work in a productive way and of course, learn from each other!”
Senior Administrative Officer, Sewerage Board of Limassol - Amathus

“Working with people in the workplace (and not only) and as much as one will try to avoid it, will occasionally lead to a situation of conflict. Understanding personalities in conflict, starting with ones self, will greatly assist in salvaging as much of any relationship as possible.  We had the opportunity to study an Enneagram, explore our individual Enneagram style and more significantly try to explore the style of other individuals with whom we felt we were in conflict in an effort to understand distinct habits of thinking, feeling and behaving. Muriel and  Karolina masterfully assisted in unfolding our inner wisdom and tapping into our individual potential as well as those around us. A very interactive workshop! I would gladly revisit.
Deputy General Manager, Tamoil Overseas Limited

Testimonial related to the workshop: "The Talent of Public Speaking"

“I attended the Talent of Public Speaking workshop held by Muriel Matta, which I thoroughly enjoyed. All my life I dreaded speaking in public, until I attended Muriel’s workshop. I discovered that after only one seminar,  I am now able to stand up and speak in public thanks to her excellent training, on this subject matter. Thank you Muriel, I will never forget your very interesting, interactive and inspiring workshop! You have a good training technique!”
Assistant General Secretary, Cyprus International Businesses Association (CIBA)

Testimonial related to the workshop: "Managing the Employment Relationship"

“In the absence of an in-house HR Department and as Deputy General Manager, a lot of times I am confronted with employment relationship issues.  It is important to invest time to understand such issues and to try to find an amicable solution in the best interest of all concerned. The workshop has educated me with regards to latest updates on legal (both local and EU) aspects and obligations. It also provided helpful hints and ideas on how to upgrade manuals of procedure etc. Both Workshop Leaders, Muriel Matta (on the HR side) and Despo Andreou (on the Legal side) provided a vast amount of very useful information on the matter which they helped to embed using excellent audience-engaging tools and challenging group exercises. A day well spent indeed!”
Deputy General Manager, Tamoil Overseas Limited